Red Socks Rock

I’m quite a fan of professional baseball and the Boston Red Socks. It’s a fascinating and fun sport but unfortunately I haven’t yet been able to attend any of their spring training. I’ve already had a bit of browse around the Internet for Spring Training Tickets for the Red Sox and got the dates for the upcoming games.

That’s something I would really like to go to, especially after hearing so many positive experiences from friends who have actually seen them. They were really enjoying getting up close and personal in the field.

Of course you could always watch them on tv but there’s a massive difference between watching the box and actually being there. The whole atmosphere at live basketball games is just exciting.

Especially watching the Red socks play, a legendary team that’s been playing for over 100 years… I’ll keep checking back to see if I can get a couple Spring Training Tickets for the Red Sox. That’d be so cool.

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