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Post-Its Super Sticky Man

Um, I don’t know.. this is weird but actually quite funny. This is about as funny as YouTube gets lately. I used to enjoy browsing videos but haven’t found much interesting stuff lately. You certainly never find anything worth watching amongst the most watched clips. Ironic… or… fake views? Judge for yourself. 

Catching Up On Sleep

Springs kicks in and I’m feeling tired. It’s just that time of the year when stuff starts to bloom, winter is finally over and you’re feeling like a nap all the time. Least I do lately. Anyway, found this amazing video on YouTube and it is pretty cool. A human version of the snakes computer […]

Blending Chris Crocker!

Technorati Tags: chris crocker,chris,crocker,britney,animation,cartoon,funny,drag,queen,queer,wuss,blender I’m not entirely sure what Chris Crocker is supposed to be except a big YouTube annoyance. The fact that anyone and anything can contribute and upload their own videos, is both YouTube’s greatest attraction and curse. This how people like Chris Crocker get to have millions of views by simple being […]

Happy Tree Friends – What Are You Wading For

  LOL, funny little clip.