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Six shots in the head and…ALIVE

A Brazilian woman has been shot in the head six times and survived. Doctors can’t explain her survival. The 21 year old was shot on friday after an altercation with her ex-husband, who was upset because she refused to get back together with him. Amazingly she was released from the hospital only a day after […]

Some exquisite Christmas gift ideas for gadget freaks

Out just in time for christmas: Motion sensitive speakers. This fashion piece changes the volume or tunes different radio stations by passing a hand in front of the relevant sensor. It also has a built-in ambient lighting system and is meant to be used with virtually any power source: it can be powered through traditional AC […]

Spray-on weight loss??

Tired of dieting?? Simply spray your pounds off! CLAmor is a weight-loss supplement that you spray on your food. It uses Clarinolâ„¢ CLA as its main ingredient. Clarinol is “scientifically proven” to aid the body in shrinking fat cells. When CLAmor is sprayed onto food, the body metabolizes CLA after the food is digested, and […]

Doctors to google for tricky cases

Google.. everyone uses it – why not doctor?The british medical journal suggests that Google is likely to provide the correct diagnosis in conditions with unique symptoms.Doctors in doubt could use the search engine to research unique conditions and help them reach a diagnosis. Two australian doctors put Google to the test by entering symptoms of […]