It’s All About Pumpkins


To get into the Halloween spirit, why not hydrate your skin with pumpkin? Or condition your hair with the lovely fruit. Yes, pumpkin is a fruit by the way, not a vegetable.

Pumpkin is extremely rich in Vitamin A, as well as a host of other vitamins and minerals. No wonder there are tons of pumpkin-based products out, from creames to perfumes.

Zia Natural Skincare Pumpkin Exfoliating Mask:

Helps with impurities and heals blemishes. It’s also packed with Vitamins and Minerals.

Eminence Organic Pumpkin & Orange Masque:

Hydrates the skin and
moisturizes the epidermis. It’s
stimulating action gives the complexion a smooth, toned, radiance.

JACK O LANTERN Mineral Eyeshadow by Coffin Color:

A pumpkin-colored eyeshadow in a
autumnal orange.

Pumpkin Pie – Demeter Fragrance Library:

Oh the smell of pumpkin pie:
pumpkin, sugar, cinnamon, a touch of ginger and hint of cloves…

According to a study at the Monell Institute in Philadelphia, the smell of Pumpkin Pie increases the arousal level in men by 40%.

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