"Can’t" vs. "Won’t"


What if you were to replace one word in your vocabulary with another? How much of an impact would it have? Would this give you more control over your life?

Curious? Try it. It worked for Self Made Chick

Look at the difference in these two sentences:

“I can’t get enough leads to make enough sales.”
“I won’t get enough leads to make enough sales.”

And here’s the trick behind this

Some other things I used to tell myself were:

  • I can’t buy that car
  • I can’t take a vacation
  • I can’t find a mentor
  • I can’t figure out what it takes to be rich

You may find that you can in fact “buy that car” but may “choose not to” buy that car. This is much more empowering than you going around thinking that you CAN’T buy that car.

The real power lies in the “choose not to” which should give you power and a confidence boost.

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