Kitchen Technique: Drizzling Chocolate


Now with these fairly simple steps you get an inside of how bakers get the yummy chocolate so deliciously lined on cakes and such. All it takes is just a simple trick

• Fill a pastry or Ziploc bag halfway full with chocolate chips or chopped, flaked chocolate. The best chocolate for drizzling or coating has a high amount of cocoa butter.

• Depending on how you feel about microwaving plastic, you can put the bag directly in the microwave and melt the chocolate using low power and 30-second increments.

• We are rather wary of microwaving plastic, however, so usually we melt our chocolate in a saucepan on the stove and scoop it into a plastic bag after it has liquified. A side advantage to this is being really sure that the chocolate is completely liquid – we have another post later about what happens when it is not!

• When the chocolate is completely melted, snip off a tiny corner of the bag’s tip with scissors, or poke a hole with a sharp skewer.

• Squeeze slightly to drizzle over the delicious thing you’re decorating, reheating the bag if necessary to soften the chocolate again.

Let the baking commence!

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