Lipsticks Loaded With Lead


Every once in a while you will hear or come across a story on how bad and dangerous make up products are. How some of them contain toxic material that can cause cancer or other severe conditions. Just a myth or not far from the truth?

What’s that lead doing in my lipstick?

Wherever you look, you wont find hardly any cosmetic product that hasnt been at some point been in the center of rumours about it’s nastiness. But fortunately
all colorants allowed for use in cosmetics must pass rigorous testing.

According to the BeautyBrains

It’s true that dyes are allowed to contain VERY VERY VERY small amounts of lead (about 20 parts per million). But that’s far below the amount that could harm you, no matter how much lipstick you use. So lipsticks DO NOT contain dangerous amounts of lead.

Isn’t that good to know?

Also, although lead poisoning is a very serious and in some cases a fatal condition, it does not give you cancer.

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