Everyone’s Blogging – Even Celebrities

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Did you know that celebrities blog ? See for yourself, some are quite pathetic:

Michael Moore: The power-campaigner and director of “Sicko” has always something to say. Worth a read.

Jamie Lee Curtis: I like her. Her postings aren’t very frequent, the last dates back to July 9 and was titled “I have a terrorist’s mind.”

Neil Young: This is supposedly Neil Young’s blog. Umm okay, I don’t quite get it …

Victoria Beckham: So NOT major, but good for a laugh.

Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen: This blog exists purely to wind people up. Seriously… who cares?

John Cusack: He too has gone amongst the bloggers. On Bush, Thanksgiving, ect…

Pamela Anderson: What could she possibly blog about?

Roseanne : A definite favorite! Funny blog entries, lots of swearing going on. A must read.

Donald Trump: The Trump gives tips on Business, Parenting, bla bla bla..

David Beckham: Pathetic.

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