Going Green To The Extreme…Do You Want Those Fruits From The Dumpster?

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What does making a sustainable living beyond capitalism mean to you?

For some people it means being a Freegan. Freegans are anti-consumerists, people who try to cut on spending habits and live off other people’s waste.

So basically it’s a subculture made up of a bunch of people with no sense for hygiene but a big anger towards our greedy, consuming society. A shockingly surprising fact is that Freegans are often college-educated people from middle-class families. Who would have thought.

For lunch in her modest apartment, Madeline Nelson tossed a salad made with shaved carrots and lettuce she dug out of a Whole Foods dumpster. She flavored the dressing with miso powder she found in a trash bag on a curb in Chinatown. She baked bread made with yeast plucked from the garbage of a Middle Eastern grocery store.

Nelson is a former corporate executive who can afford to dine at four-star restaurants. But she prefers turning garbage into gourmet meals without spending a cent.

The amount of food being thrown away on a daily basis is astounding.

Although I firmly disagree with wasting food just for the sake of wasting food but seriously, living off dumpster by choice can’t be very pleasant or healthy. To each their own I suppose…

Even a Freegan needs some variety in his diet and this is the place to find out how to make gourmet meals from the dumpster.

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