"You Buy – You Kill – You Dress – You Take Home"

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A business of a slightly different kind…Tom Prince in Hazelwood,Indiana, operates a self-service slaughterhouse for the locals and has done so for the last 20 years. People go there, pick an animal, kill it themselves and take it home. Not your ordinary shopping trip…Prince has specialized in goats, of which he sells around 50 each weekend and his slaughterhouse is pretty successful with the area’s growing international community.

Your average housewife is hardly to stop by and butcher her dinner, but for customers who have made their way to Central Indiana from Morocco, Yemen, Nigeria, Eritrea, Togo, Kenya, Pakistan, Mexico and other places, this is a great place to get their meat from.

The attraction for many is the freshness of the meat and the low price. Prince sells goats for $1.40 a pound based on their live weight, and a 70-pound goat will provide about 35 pounds of meat — so the meat costs customers an average of about $2.80 a pound, or $98.

For some, butchering their own meat helps maintain a link to cultures they’ve left behind.

Still others, including the large number of Muslims who buy from Prince, prefer to kill and butcher the animals themselves to ensure food preparation standards of their faith are followed.

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