Tis What I’d Call… Anti-Social

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SecondLife, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter…it seems you can’t open your browser anymore without somehow loading a social networking site. Meeting new friends and interacting with people put aside, here’s several online spots that add the anti to social networking.

FirstLife, SecondLife’s evil twin: is unfortunately just a one page parody. If it was to go online, I bet it wouldn’t have a hard time competing with SecondLife, who’s becoming increasingly annoying. Loving the pirate brats.

Next in the fireline is web 2.0’s beloved Facebook. Aiming to put the hate back into online social networking : Enemybook and Snubster.

This is what Enemybook creator Kevin Matulet had to say:

“For some people, Enemybook is about expressing their distaste for political figures or celebrities. And for other people, it actually is about spreading hatred for their despised co-workers and exes,”

In order to use Enemybook you must have a Facebook account. The application lets you highlight nemeses on your personal page in order to facilitate the disconnecting process.

Snubster, actually had it’s own site and started way back in 2006. It allows users to alienate each other by putting people “On Notice” or listing them as “Dead to Me.” It also recently launched a Facebook application.

Two fine examples of antisocial utilities.

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