Build your own Sputnik Satellite

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How would you fancy your very own Sputnik Satellite? All the things you need to build one can now be found lying around the house. _44190989_diy_sputnik_mag203

BBC explains how it can be done.


1. Tomy baby monitor – transmitter and aerial

2. Wireless router – backup transmitter and aerial

3. Mercury thermometer – temperature sensor

4. x4 large batteries – power supply

5. Balloon – pressure sensor (expands and pops if case punctured)

6. Power-pack – backup power supply

7. Domestic thermostat – activates fan and changes radio signal

8. Battery powered fan – moves heat to casing (once tin lid is on)

9. Biscuit tin with foil – houses components and reflects solar radiation

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you could build one in a container smaller than a matchbox, weighing about as much as a wristwatch. The components, including a transmitter, battery and the sensors you’d need would probably cost less than £50,”

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