Eye Tattooing

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This is seriously gross: tattooing your eyeballs.


Along with two of his friends, Pauly Unstoppable and Josh, Shannon Larratt, founder and owner of body-modification website Bmezine.com, had the procedure done about four weeks ago. Although Shannon is heavily modified and said it wasn’t “a big deal”, he did concede to feeling a little trepidation: “I’d much rather a bunch of people had done it before me, but what choice do I have?”

Shannon says they adopted “a really simple, lo-tech approach” to the procedure. His eye was held open, using a forefinger and thumb, as the pigment, which is the exact same type you would use in a regular tattoo, was injected into his eyeball.

“We injected pigment under the top layer of the eye using a syringe, which, to the best of my knowledge, has never been done before, either medically or cosmetically.”

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