"Girl Power" Comes Of Age And Spice Blog Online

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It’s there….on the official Spice Girls website: Spice Blog – with two entries so far by Melanie C and Melanie B. You’ll get a piece of them whether you like it or not, blogging to “SPICE UP YOUR LIFE!!” with some sh#t Girl Power:

Mel C on 19/10/2007 in Spice Blog:

“I hope you’ve all been watching Mel B on Dancing With The Stars, she’s doing brilliantly and we are all very proud. She’s flying over today and we’re going to be shooting our video for Headlines (Friendship Never Ends). We’ll also be doing lots of filming for our documentary. It’s really fun reminiscing and it is actually quite emotional.”

A video, a documentary? Isn’t it enough that they are going on tour?

It looks like “Girl Power” may have to be redefined: Geri Halliwell is apparently not one for feminism, because that’s just “bra-burning lesbianism

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