Plastic Surgery: Compliment Or Keep Quiet?

Plastic surgery is all around, it’s everywhere we look and sometimes you just can’t miss it. When a friend of yours had obviously had "something done", should you compliment them on the procedure or keep quiet? What’s the appropriate reaction? I just assume that most people wouldn’t want you to know that they paid secret visits to the plastic surgeon and just aim to look "naturally" beautiful. Of course there are also plenty who are proud of looking somewhat artificial and brag about it.

Social etiquette in plastic surgery issues is on the roll: That question of what to do when your lunch date is unable to grimace due to a Botox injection will soon become unavoidable. 

The fight against aging continues and people are increasingly resorting to more drastic measures. A naturally wrinkled 50 something face could be transformed into a tight 30 something. Which brings up the question: if you decide to compliment on their beauty (all credits to surgical enhancement), are you complimenting their decision to opt for surgery or the person behind the Botox face?

Even though you mean to be polite, actually you are promoting the whole business of plastic surgery. Etiquette and manners could easily backfire.

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