Britain’s Weird Tombstones

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It’s (almost) Halloween, and the BBC History Magazine has compiled a list of mostly unusual, weird and mysterious memorials. The winner of the “Mysterious Memorials” is Sarah Johnson, aged 28 when she died in 1819. She apparently had 28 operations on her abdomen. Hard to imagine.

Her tombstone carving depicts the 28 times the deceased was drained of fluid in her abdomen the treatment for ascites, which is related to liver disease.

Johnson would have had to endure the medical procedure in which a tube was inserted into the abdomen without anaesthetic. In each course of treatment the amount of fl uid in gallons (G), quarts (Q) and pints (P) has been recorded.

One of the runner-ups is the tombstone of Isobela Sim and others: This just proves that LOLCats are trying to take over the world. The inscription reminds me of LOLCat or a a mobile telephone text message. One of these days you will find a carving that reads ‘I HAD CHEEZBURGER AN DAT KILLD ME’

Some other interesting tombstones as well. Worth a look.


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