Meet Mississippi Mayor Frank Melton

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On August 26, 2006, Mayor Frank Melton had taken an entourage of police officers and teenagers (some with criminal records) to a duplex in a poor neighborhood. Stating that the duplex was home to drug dealers, Mayor Melton then directed the odd mix of cops and teenagers to destroy the house with sledgehammers.

Even before he was elected mayor, Frank Melton was known around Jackson as a loose cannon with little regard for civil liberties or the U.S. Constitution. He was adept at saying what people want to hear. The African American TV executive from Texas defeated the capital city’s first black mayor in 2005 by absurdly promising to rid the city of crime and “thugs” (clearly referring to the black variety) within 90 days of taking office (yes, we still have crime).

Does that sound like the worst american mayor or what?

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