Amazing Stuff: Coconut Oil


So I have been trying pure coconut oil on my skin for a while now and I’m loving it. It’s not just the smell, it has such a lovely texture and melts in your fingers. Also after browsing the web for some more background info on the stuff, I found out, that coconut oil is probably one of the healthiest things you can possibly put on your skin and coconut oil is the same as coconut butter. Why is it healthy then? Because…

  • It prevents destructive free-radical formation and provides protection against them.
  • Models with amazing skin swear by it.
  • It’s one of the best and cheapest skin moisturizer.
  • It can help preventing liver spots and other blemishes.
  • It can help the connective tissue to stay strong and subtle.
  • Known from personal experience: It’s amazing for dry skin and may even help restore damaged or diseased skin.

I have swapped expensive lotion for plain pure organic virgin coconut oil and have never been happier with my skin.

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