Waste And Recycling: Amazing Things You Can Do With Rubbish

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It’s never too late to start and it is so darn easy if you know how to: I’m talking about recycling. This is a kind of boring topic for most people and unfortunately a lot just don’t bother with it although it really doesn’t take much of an effort and it DOES make a difference. Even though news and media have raised awareness of waste management, going green and recycling a lot more in recent years, we all are really slack when it comes to executing all the tips and plans for a greener planet.

So, why recycle?

The amount of rubbish one household produces each year is a whooping tonne which amounts to approximately 27 million tonnes of waste for the UK each year. And the number is increasing. There are numerous of reasons for the shocking figures such as lifestyle changes, new packaging materials, increasing affluence and population ect…

Even though we hardly have any influence over certain facts there is plenty we can do to reduce all the rubbish and make amazing stuff out the things we throw away:

  • One most common and rewarding way of recycling is composting. Compost your food scraps and create a fabulous garden.
  • Got tons of plastic shopping bags? Mostly they are all over the place and you’re tempted to just put them in the bin instead of reusing them. Here’s a great solution: Make a plastic bag keeper. A fantastic idea to declutter the kitchen and get all the bags in one place. annotated_large
  • CD’s: Here’s a cool tip, rather than throwing them away, old CD’s or any you don’t want like trial stuff, could be used as high tech coasters. But that’s not all. How about a mobile made from old CD’s? You could use personal pictures and stick them to the discs. Ok, this one has to be one of the best looking uses for CD’s – The Cd Lamp.Not only does it look amazing, but also saves you from throwing away all those CD’s.
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