Education 2.0: Educate Yourself Online For Free

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Thinking about going back to school? Well, you don’t really have to leave your PC chair anymore to educate yourself. The Internet has made it possible for virtually anyone with access to get a broad range of free education online and there’s hardly anything you won’t find on the world wide web. A lot of schools, colleges and universities offer free lectures, online classes and podcasts on the Internet in addition to the massive amount of scholar documents and files available to anyone.

All you need to know is what you want to learn, that’s pretty much all you have to figure out yourself then off you go browsing the net. Once again, Google is your best friend.

Some examples:

University of Washington offers a variety of learning in free online course, like Greek mythology or energy,diet and weight.

Free Online Education is a website dedicated to online learning and includes online courses, how-tos, tutorials, articles ect. on every topic.

Learn Economics online at the University of Nebraska

Free courses in Maths at Whatcom Online Math Center

Perhaps you would like to learn Swedish?

Or the basics of CPR totally for free at the University of Washington School of Medicine

Brag about being educated at Stanford or Yale

Maybe Princeton is more your style

It’s all out there, waiting to be found and it has never been so easy to learn.

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