Do You Really Tell People You Saw A UFO?

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Kucinich’s UFO and that nagging question of mental health: Dennis Kucinich, a congressman from Ohio, was asked during a debate of the Democratic candidates for president if he had seen a UFO. What he said was:

"I did,”’ "It’s unidentified. I saw something,”

Do you go out there and publicly say that you have seen a UFO? But who knows, maybe he has actually seen something… and he wouldn’t be the first politician to see something "unidentified":

  • Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter says he saw a UFO while he was the Governor of Virginia.
  • Reagan developed an obsession with extra-terrestrials and mentioned them frequently in his speeches.

It seems fairly clear that people from all walks of life, from drug-addled musicians to democrats, claim to have seen "unidentified" objects hovering in the sky. I personally would probably refrain from telling people if I’d ever happen to meet any extraterrestrials  for um, numerous reasons: my mental health is pretty important to me. UFO’s are a different story though, it could be anything really, right? But the point is, you say UFO, people think of this little fella:


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