Kiefer Sutherland: Caught DUI, What To Do? Blame Fans!

Evil, evil fan base! Kiefer Sutherland’s DUI escapade is apparently the fault of his fans?? How so?

Well he blames fan photography for his recent DUI arrest and sentencing and has reportedly stopped signing autographs.

Sutherland was snapped by camera-wielding fans as he stumbled from his car–pictures that appeared on the Internet and could have been used as evidence in court.

And the 40-year-old is fuming. Autograph collector Michael Wehrmann tells New York gossip column PageSix, “He was one of the best autograph signers there was.

“He would always stand and sign for a half hour, but since his arrest, he’s been telling collectors, ‘I don’t do that anymore. You guys screwed me.’ ”

This guy is a joke. It would help not drinking in the first place! I love it how he’s been caught and now has to spend 48 days behind bars, including Christmas Day. Yay!

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2 Responses to “Kiefer Sutherland: Caught DUI, What To Do? Blame Fans!”

  1. I don’t think you actually read the article properly before commenting, and perhaps, purely to avoid the ridiculous comments you’ve just made, you should have done.

    Kiefer is not blaming anyone but himself for his behaviour; and is truly stepping up to the plate to take his punishment in that the prison time he is going to serve is, possibly, more than, would have been inflicted on him had he fought the charges, simply so that a deal could be arranged for him to serve his time without the shooting of “24” being disrupted. His admission of his behaviour, rather than the whining denials, finding God or being dragged screaming from their house behaviour of other so-called ‘celebrities’ meant that all of the people involved in the production of “24” were not affected in any way by his arrest or imprisonment, and, in the bigger scheme of things, that the people who love “24” weren’t affected either.

    Kiefer is not annoyed with real fans; he is furious, and not surprisingly so, by professional autograph hunters who regularly take photos of the celebrity signing the autograph so as to be able to provide the all important (to their sale price) Certificate Of Authenticity. These people took photos of him when he was quite obviously incapacitated and continued to do so, with no thought for his welfare – and, after all, he is, in a way, their meal ticket, so protecting him is in their best interests – simply and only to ensure that these leeches of people could get a good price for their autographed photos.

    Their behaviour is reprehensible and I would have thought he would have had the backing of most people for making sure that they do not continue to make money from him. His behaviour has been reasonable in this respect, theirs was simply a case of an utter and total lack of humanity; their loss is in the only way anything would affect them; the loss of the mighty dollar.

  2. Perhaps I’m missing a big part of this story, but…
    Regardless of him being a celebrity or anything, he’s just another drunk loser.
    Anyone who gets drunk and goes driving is a potential killer with no regard for anyone else.
    There should be no sympathy for him and nobody should have the finger of blame pointed at them for his stupidity.

    If someone points a camera at you, giving you the urge to drink and drive it may be an idea to seek psychological help.

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