Who Wants To Live Forever?

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How would you like living for a good 1000 years?

Aubrey de Grey argues that some people alive today will live in a robust and youthful fashion for 1,000 years. Let’s assume a miraculous pill was on the market tomorrow, extending your life for say 500 to 900 years… letting you experience a state of youth and robustness for what’d be like an eternity compared to one lifetime. Naturally it wouldn’t protect you from accidental death like being hit by a car or suicides even, but would stop you from aging…for at least several hundred years. Would you take it?

Well? Of course you would! I would, even though I may get bored in a hundred years or so, I certainly wouldn’t turn down the chance to live on and on and on and…

Classifying aging as a sort of disease is probably a matter of opinion, clearly hardly anyone cheers with joy at the thought of being old and wrinkly though. Including all the age related illnesses. However, I do think that without death, life has not much meaning, it’s part of the complexity we experience everyday. So when you think about it, we have to die in order to live.

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