Bizarre: Heather Mills Speaks Out

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You’ve probably watched the recent Tv interviews Heather Mills gave on GMTV, leaving many to question her sanity. She gave a wild eyed, alternately tearful and raging TV performance, attacking the media in the middle of divorce negotiations and comparing herself to Princess Diana and Kate McCann. Oh yeah there’s also this website boycotting the "Daily Scum", she has such a way with words.

_44208516_millsgrab_203b  Heather Mills: gone-mad gold digger or innocent charity worker?

Mills told TV station GMTV that she had received "worse press than a paedophile or a murderer".

She asked for the attention and the British media has responded:

Daily Mail columnist Amanda Platell said: "No-one who watched her yesterday can now be in any doubt about the extent of her self-delusion."

And The Sun ran the Beatles-inspired headline: "Help! She needs somebody."

The Daily Star, under the headline: "Halloween? Mucca’s far more scary!", described Mills as "self-pitying" as "she unleashed a bitter rant".

The Daily Mirror described Mills’ outburst as an "extraordinary and emotional interview".

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  1. It would be interesting to know:

    If she is not a gold digger, why has her use of the media and her divorce been so well planned?

    What capital she brought to the relationship to begin with and how she came to a figure of millions for a divorce settlement.

    Why does she think that she should in some way be protected by Paul, considering she is divorcing him?

    Where does her income come from and does she pay income tax.

    Has her charity work been by method of getting other people to donate money to charity, or has she donated some of her own income.

    Why does she feel the need for a helicopter, when there are people with no legs that have to drive cars?

    What makes her so deluded to think that just the media has a bad view of her and not people in general?

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