Heather Mills Round 2: Stella McCartney Is Pure Evil

Because she hates the media attention so much, Heather Mills just had to step into the spotlight once more on American entertainment show Extra. This time bashing the former step-daughter: Stella McCartney.

Heather Mills claims Sir Paul McCartney’s daughter Stella was jealous of her and tried to wreck her marriage to her father

The 39-year-old who is locked in an acrimonious divorce with her multi-millionaire husband, said in a video link-up from London: "Every single week Stella tried to break up our marriage. She was so jealous."

So according to Heather, Stella did "evil things" to break her marriage to Paul McCartney up… Makes me wonder if she had some sort of Voodoo doll or engaged in witchy magic, it wouldn’t surprise me if Heather Mills would come up with something like that.

The most enjoyable part about the latest outburst is the bit where she claims to be in possession of damaging evidence in some safe and the stuff will be forwarded to someone in case she gets killed or something. Drama queen par exellence

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