Living Love: Things To Do With Your SO – On A Budget

Love should be celebrated, daily. In one way or another. When we get into a relationship most of us secretly hope it will last forever. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work like that in the real world. I’m convinced some breakups could easily be avoided just by putting a tiny bit of effort into the relationship, even on a tight budget – very possible.

Communication (not to be confused with nagging) is free, essential and keeps the bond strong. Taking time to talk about current issues, future plans or important things to you, is vital for your survival as a couple.

Weekly dates going out together at least once a week may help keep that spark alive and escape boring routines.

Some of the romantic ideas and suggestions you would find in women’s magazines nowadays are simply cheesy and seem a bit out of order. Forget the whole going out to fancy dinners, renting Limos or ski trips in the French Alps ect… 

Get inspired by everyday life: how about cooking a meal together? Something that can be fun to do, you could chat about anything while you chop up veggies and work as a team vs. the sometimes taunting task of cooking.

Picnics in the wild or on a beach are FANTASTIC and simple. Easily prepared, all you need is some sort of blanket maybe pillows to sit on, a basket and some food, which could be anything from baguette with cheese & wine to canapes.

Snuggle to a good movie: television is reportedly not good for you but who cares if you got your better half on the couch under a blanket with you.

Bubblebaths aren’t just for kids! Taking a bath together can be so much fun and an incredible intimate experience. You will also find that some people find it easier to open up and talk when they are naked, so get into that bathtub already!

Evening strolls along beaches or just around the block, helps you to relax and unwind with your partner and have some decent conversation.

Take your love online. Romance isn’t dead, it has just evolved and therefore playing Warcraft or whatever else together on the Internet could be just as romantic as citing a love poem.

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