Face To Face: Tutankhamun Makes Headlines

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You’ve probably seen it in the news: For the first time, people actually seen what Egypt’s most famous ancient king Tutankhamun looked like. I wish they would put him on Vogue’s next cover, I bet they could photoshop him into a Brad Pitt look-a-like. Well anyway, pretty big news when they revealed his face because

Until now, only about 50 living people have seen the face of the boy king, who died more than 3,000 years ago.

As experts lifted Tutankhamun from his coffin they briefly set aside the white linen covering his remains, revealing a shrivelled black face and body.

Before and after pics:

_44217352_composite416x280  I don’t know about the cat-eye makeup though…

In an effort to extricate the treasures, Carter and his team cut the body into pieces, chopping off the limbs and head, and using hot knives and wires to remove the gold mask which was fused to Tutankhamun’s face by the embalming process.

A CT scan of his remains in 2005 led researchers to say that he was not murdered and may have died of complications from a broken leg.


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