Hunting Down The Dream Girl Online? Puhleaze!

I have to say that it’s a lot more appealing than the whole proposal to Mary thing. Ny girl of my dreams is some guy trying to find some girl he saw on the NY subway who, he thinks, just happens to be the girl of his dreams.


It just leaves me with some pondering questions:

Why didn’t he talk to her? If he seriously thinks she was the perfect girl, why not start a conversation and take the risk of walking away and never seeing her again?
Let’s assume she sees this, In the age of stalkers, perverts and cybercrime, would an average girl consider this romantic or just plain creepy? Would she call/email him or the police?

Do we think this guy is just a hapless, hopeless or romantic or perhaps a young illustrator trying to get his work seen by a lot of people? Take your guess!

Then look HERE

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