Paid To Blog? It Is Possible

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How would you like to get paid for your blog posts? Seriously, it is possible with PayPerPost, bringing blog advertising to a new level.

What it is: First of all let me tell you that it’s completely free. PayPerPost is a self-service marketplace, that allows Bloggers to moneytize their Blog with paid posts. Advertisers will pay you for your opinion/review on their products or services. Once you made your entry, all you have to do is submit it and wait for the approval. Then comes the sweet part: once your blog entry has been approved, you’ll get paid. Simple huh? The cool thing about this is that you decide what to write about and choose from a big variety of paid opportunities. So it really is entirely up to you to decide what goes on your Blog and what doesn’t, which is one of the best aspects I think. If you’re like me and enjoy blogging, this is a good way to make some extra money online. Also signing up is quick and simple and you’ll be notified once your Blog is approved for the marketplace.

I have recently signed up with them and I’m quite excited now that my Blog has been approved. It’s going to be interesting to see how much money this will make, some will definitely go into my chocolate fountain fund! Here’s to some great and easy cash!

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