$8,000 For Makeup Per Day

That’s probably 8 times as much as some guy in a poor country earns in his entire life. Jennifer Lopez reportedly spends that amount of cash each day on makeup. That makes me wonder…Is that including makeup artist? And what kind of makeup costs that much anyway? and what does she do with it? eat it? lick it? snort it? f…erh, anyway I cannot possibly imagine how that’s possible, but then it’s Jennifer Lopez we’re talking about, apparently known as a big spender.


(photo: celebrity-image.com)

Also, if she has to spend 8000 a day on makeup, what does she look like without? We probably don’t want to know.

2 Responses to “$8,000 For Makeup Per Day”

  1. Quote: “I’m still Jenny from the block”

    Either $8000 includes whatever she is snorting while someone does her makeup for her
    Her real appearance is absolutely nothing like her, and it takes a great deal of work to make her look the way she does.

    Perhaps she’s insecure about herself and feels she has to spend that much.

  2. OMG… Maybe she’s a vampire and needs to use makeup to stop daylight frying her.

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