Kicked Out Of School For Some Bling!

I’m actually all for banning religious related clothing, jewelry ect.. at public schools, since rules and guidelines apply to everyone, regardless of faith or race, why not abide? Why should they make an exception? If this is such a major issue to her, go somewhere else.

This 14 year old,Sarika Singh, has been temporarly excluded from her school for refusing to take off a bracelet, worn by devout Sikhs as a reminder not to sin. The school in Wales excluded her for failing to accept its uniform guidelines and the rules of its governing body.

So here we go again, the family is apparently may take legal action against the school’s decision and most likely will be very much unsuccessful. There have been several similar cases: the Christian purity ring, or last year’s Shabina Begum, who lost her battle to wear a jihab in class.

Sikh schoolgirl excluded for wearing bangle [Guardian]

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  1. I feel so sorry for her…
    Despite my strong beliefs I was also discriminated against at school.
    I wasn’t allowed to wear a white Ku Klux Klan hood or carry the tradition burning torch.

    I’ve heard that CHAV’s are being discriminated against too.
    They often aren’t allowed to wear their traditional head dress or cheap Argos jewellery.

    I would recommend that the government make sure she gets transferred to a school which caters for her exact religious requirements, instead of these horrible British schools.
    I just wouldn’t bother telling them it’s in another country, which they probably fled from originally to make a “better” life.

    Let’s be realistic, this is yet another immigrant originating attempt to rip off real British people.
    Even if they are not successful there will be a cost to the school for legal fee’s etc. which will come out of the school budget.
    Any cost to the school budget will reflect on all other students at the school.

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