It’s A Guy Thing?…Right

This is directed at women: Have you ever went somewhere and found yourself in the middle of nowhere not knowing where to go even though you may have a map? But it wasn’t you driving, it was him. And you did suggest that he asks for directions at the gas station… So this seems to be a very common phenomenon amongst men: Why can’t you ask for directions when clearly you don’t know where to go? Let me say though that I’m very much aware that not each and every guy is the same, just that lots of them still seem to live up to the stereotype

I’ve always wondered about this. I mean, how hard can it be to ask which way to go? Is it considered “un-manly”? What’s behind this great mystery?

So I thought to myself, let’s Google this and see if we can find some answers without having to study the male psyche for years. There’s one point that actually makes sense in a way, men not wanting to appear weak. I suppose it’s party to blame on genes. Also guys like to be in control of the situation and some might perceive asking for directions as giving up control. Interesting topic indeed.

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