Beer For Post Workout

09_15_54---Pint-of-Beer_web  How many would pick beer over workouts? Probably the large part of the population. I have never been one to like beer and despite various publications and articles about how booze might in some way be health beneficial, I’d rather not drink. And I don’t like the taste at all. Anyway, good news for beer lovers though. A professor in Spain has decided that beer is to be preferred as a post-workout drink than water. Maybe that will encourage more people to exercise, knowing that once you’ve finished, you can indulge in beer.

He based his finds on a research that involved 25 students, running on treadmills in hot temperatures. Afterwards half were given beer and the other half had water. Professor Manuel Garzon concluded that beer had a ‘slightly better’ hydrating affect than water.

No doubt many people will rejoice at this new finding. Maybe it’s better though than any of them fizzy drinks that are loaded with sugar…I’d still go for my water though, thank you.

A pint of beer is better for you after a workout than water, say scientists [Daily Mail]

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