Gadget Frenzy: Amazing And Odd

Lately I have been really into gadgets… iphone, Asus eee, it’s all on my list of stuff to buy… eventually. So I have found a few more cool gadgets I don’t necessarily want but yet it would still be cool to have them.

I’m not really one for cleaning. I don’t mind it now and then but have a hard time keeping up with all the filth and the dirt. So I really like this Roomba automated vacuum cleaner… it cleans the floor on his own, adjusts to the surfaces and turns itself off once it has finished. While this is a great gadget, I’m not sure whether or not it would get all the dirt off. It looks tiny and not very powerful, I don’t know.


Ok, this one has haunted me ever since I’ve seen it. It’s an USB stick in the shape of a VW Camper. I hate them.


I like this one cause I think it would be really handy for backpackers or if you travel a lot on trains, buses ect… a foldable bicycle called the A-bike, I might one of these:

main768a  Spotted for around 149 pounds.

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