Getting The Vibes?

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How many dating sites do you know? Let me rephrase that… how many free dating sites do you know? Probably just a bunch. I’m a fan of all free services and let’s be honest, why should you pay anyway? There’s this cool free dating site that is completely, 100% free. Next time you are prompted for a signup fee by any dating service, why not have a look at instead?

They’ve got their very own chat rooms, search feature that let’s you browse and search for people by location, looks, interests ect… and of course you can upload your photos and browse other people’s galleries.

On the main site you can already get a glimpse and feeling of’s service. You can browse through some users profile even before you sign up and decide for yourself whether you want to join in or not. Should you choose to sign up, you too get a cool profile and can instantly start meeting new people.

What else is there? Well there’s an instant messaging system that let’s you communicate with other users. This dating site is particularly good for people who are new to the online dating world cause it’s so easy to use and did I mention that it was free? Check it out.

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