10 Cool Sites To Pass The Time [Fancy Some Entertainment?]

When was the last time you sat at home with nothing to do, nothing on the tv and you’ve read all your daily rss feeds…browsing might sound good but… what for?

I love stuff like this: optical illusions can keep me entertained for at least an hour. Never ever fails to fascinate me…my eyes will go weird and I’m trippin’

Purves-Lab optical illusions web site with empirical explanations of illusions. Highly entertaining and interesting.


Like Bollywood flicks? I find them funny, but even funnier when I’m doing my own subtitles to them… Check this out: Write your own Bollywood subtitles, will make you laugh hysterically!


How many fluffy, puffy, munchkin kittehs can you take a day? I love this site, it’s all about cuteness: Cuteoverload they have kittehs, bunnehs, doggehs, bebeh animals and lots of other cutsy things that walk, talk, scrawl, slither… They got this one category however that puzzles me and which I find highly irritating: Cats n Racks, basically pics showing people stuffing their pets down their cleavage….umm….


We all know YouTube… it’s generally a fantastic site to spend hours on hours browsing through countless videos, the featured ones on the main sites are mostly worth watching, but I’ve never seen any good or outstanding videos in the most viewed section… anyway, this isn’t about YouTube… Another very cool site is Livevideo. News, user generated content, they got loads of interesting stuff.

A multiplayer word association game, HumanBrainCloud I’ve been playing this for quite a while today…


I’ve only discovered this one today… it’s advice gone web 2.0… i think it’s pretty funny and interesting, the site mixes advice with video and what comes out on the screen is quite entertaining. BlabberMash is mostly about personal subjects such as love, relationships, family ect…


I’ve come to like the next one: it’s all about Blogs… and it looks so pretty, Blogebrity is a ranking and algorithm tool that filters out popularity amongst the Blogosphere.Bloggers are front-paged for achieving most active, A-list, C-list, or D-list status. The site is community driven, or well, aims to be community powered, unfortunately it isn’t as popular as it should be yet. Also a great place to find new cool blogs to read. I see potential here and may also help people/blogs getting exposure.


I must admit that I haven’t visited any chat site in ages. They kind of disappeared out of sight… it’s all about blogs, forums, shout boxes, tags… today I found Scrolltalk unfortunately it doesn’t seem very busy at the moment, but that may change. Basically this is about connecting people with the same interests and tagging…


I enjoy watching documentaries so I really dig this one: Free documentaries for everyone by freedocumentaries.org plenty of highly interesting stuff to watch.


The last one on the list is Skillfights, I don’t know what I think of this one yet… digital competition and showing off skills. This community based site invites all members to participate in existing contests, create their own, and vote.


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