Search With Spock And Ye Shall Find…

Have you seen the new people search engine Spock? I never find anyone I’m looking for on the Internet, whether it’s Google or MySpace. Then I found this little search engine gem…


What it is

Spock lets you search for people you know, or don’t know, drunken celebrities, politicians, cyclops, ex-partners or your neighbours. Spock’s advanced search feature lets you search for names or email addresses, you can also insert tags, browse by age, sex, location and pictures. Once you have found what or who you were looking for, you will see their location on the Internet. Pretty cool huh? First thing I did was “spock” myself.

How it works

Say you want to find a girl you went to school with, one of your biggest competitions back then and you’re just dying to see what she has done with her life (secretly hoping she flips burgers at McDonald’s). When you search for her name, Spock will go trough bio pages, social networks, news sites, blogs, directories and plenty of other resources on the Internet for you.

Signing up

You can also join Spock and I tell you why you should: Spock lets you customize and shape information other people would come up with when searching for you. You can receive alerts, add content to search results and other cool features.


I think Spock is pretty good and useful. So I’ve been playing around with Spock and searched for tons of people I know and didn’t know and never ever want to know…like David Hasselhoff. My search for the Hoff brought up 280 results. Basically I just wanted to know whether he’s still in rehab and boozing but it revealed a lot more than I bargained for: everything from his date of birth to shoe size and his glorious moments reuniting Germany. But not just that… it also brought up plenty of interesting and surprising results. I really like this one and will definitely continue using it. A great addition to the world wide web!

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