Excessive Drinking, How To Stop It? [Can It Be Stopped?]

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From the boozing Winehouse to excessive drinking teenagers, one of the biggest problem our society currently faces. Many people, including myself, agree that taxes on alcoholic drinks should be increased and advertising restrictions should be tightened.

Who should take responsibility though, the government, the advertising industry or the individual?

I don’t really see how advertising plays such a significant role in excessive drinking. The tax way seems reasonable, doubtful that it would stop the drinking but certainly would make an impact. Seems like the most effective solution… and the money could be invested in the youths of today.

It’s funny when you read about drinking and how more and more people are turning to alcohol and then you would read about treatment methods for alcoholics, how important it is to get to the root of your drinking problem… has the government, national health service or anyone ever bothered to connect the excessive drinking with the increasingly expanding problems the average working people face? People are unhappy, so they make friends with the booze.

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