The Rich vs. The Poor Shocking Images!

All in your face… Does it have to be this way? Course not, I couldn’t believe it… yes of course, you always hear about poverty and how the rich are getting richer but you never actually see the contract, the two worlds collide.

The Deputydog posted some amazing pictures to illustrate the state this world is in… shocking, completely and utterly shocking.

1407012470_38ba31db22  parais√ɬ≥polis favela, morumbi, sao paulo – as you probably guessed, the poor on the left, tennis courts 4 to 5 times the size of the houses.

1407300372_bdf8ae6ea7  caracas, venezuela – the shacks on the right are home to the poor.

1407010804_235e515cfa  can’t hide the poverty of caracas… now on which side of this road would you rather be on?

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