Pimp Your Home [Cool Things]

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On my daily browse through my RSS feeds I sometimes stumble across some fabulous stuff for house and home… Oh I wish I could have these:

This looks so comfortable, I want it: the Zero Style Sofa Bed, pocket spring mattress and a sand-colored microfiber mattress, very much un-affordable at $1,328.00

Zero-dbed-p Seen on Spacify

I like this Air purifier, it looks sleek and chic: the Light Air IonFlow 50, easy to use, energy saving, and works silently to clean the air you inhale inside your home, Amazon has it for £299.95

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This looks amazing: Remake Light Magnet, the blocks are magnetic and can be re-arranged,not cheap though at $529.00 on Gnr8


I love me some rainbow: Discovery Rainbow In My Room, create the natural colours of a rainbow with the help of LED lights and with a slight wave of your hand the unit is turned off by the motion-activated sensors, would be a cool Christmas gift for $29.96.


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