"Sorry, Can’t Go To Work… I’m Feeling Slightly Pregnant"

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I assure you this isn’t a hoax…this actually happened and I can’t believe I missed that story. Here it goes:

A man in south Africa thought it would be cool to have a week off work, now you have to give him some credit for coming up with such a “unique” and “unusual” lie: he stole his pregnant girlfriends hospital certificate, added his own details to the note and submitted it to his employers.

Feeling a little pregnant

I would have loved to see the employers faces when they got it… I wonder if anyone’s told the guy that only women can consult gynecologists, oh and that only women can get pregnant!

If stupidity could be fined

he would certainly be paying more than $140, that’s the amount he was fined for telling his employers that he was pregnant.


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