Top Fifteen Hoax Websites

Have you heard of the first pregnant guy ever? No? Well, he’s got his own website… could you tell from hoax and truth? People have published some hilarious, bizarre and strange things on the Internet and the world wide web has become a breeding ground for hoaxes. Here’s my little list of some of the best I’ve seen:

15. What may be a hoax now could certainly become reality in the near future. If you had to chance to genetically engineer your unborn child to be free of any disease, you would surely take… I know I would. This is Genochoice


14. Aren’t you just dying to see the first page of the Internet?


13. What has a beginning must also have an end dictates logic… even hoaxes can’t get past that, so here’s the last page of the Internet. The End.

12. Dog island. Where dogs roam free … forever or until tea time, including everything you or the dog needs to know such as statistics, weather forecasts ect…


11. “My name is Tom Kraemer.  I created the picture of the girl above on a computer.  She does not actually exist, or so it would seem.  Since creating the picture, I have fallen in love with the girl in the image.  Perhaps this doesn’t make sense to you, but I believe I have created the image of my Soul Mate. She is, you might say, my ‘dream girl’.  I know this might sound strange, but I have to find the girl who matches this image.”

Can YOU help Tom?

tomsgirl  You know how they say that everyone’s got a doppelgänger, so chances are that there’s a few women out there looking very much like the imaginary girl.

10. Crissy Caviar – is, well, human eggs.


9. Most obvious but quite amusing, poking fun at some ridiculous products that actually hit the market. Care for some dehydrated water? The healthier choice!


8. A prince, Wo-Hen Nankan, in search of a princess… hot or not, decide yourself….


7. Sending telegrams to the dead. “For a donation of $5.00 per word (5 word minimum), we can have telegrams delivered to people who have passed away. This is done with the help of terminally Ill volunteers who memorize the telegrams before passing away, and then deliver the telegrams after they have passed away.”

6. Let’s through in some technology, how do you like the Microsoft Firefox 2007 Professional Edition?? Very clever, very well put together, very believable.


5. Interracial controversy at

Black People Love Us, black people just love Sally and Johnny.


4. Clever little mouse: Meet Clyven.

By implanting human brain cells (grown from a human embryo’s stem cells) into a mouse engineered to have Alzheimer’s, Dr. Keyes inadvertently made a remarkable and startling discovery: she not only cured the mouse’s Alzheimer’s Disease, but the animal soon developed the relative intelligence of a human being.


3. Bonsai Kittens, one site that appeared online in 2000, managed to upset many people, called thousands of petitioners on the scene, the Humane Society of the Unites States denounced the site and even the FBI got involved.

The site offered a step-by-step guide to the “lost Eastern art of sealing kittens inside rectilinear jars” and was created by a bunch of students “as a joke”. I have to say even though this is / was a hoax, the idea of stuffing kittens in a glass jar is just absolutely disgusting and sick. I hate to think how many sick individuals out there didn’t realize that it was intended to be a joke… sick. Seriously sick.

2. I wasn’t sure whether or not to put this one in first place: the first human male pregnancy, meet Mr. Lee Mingwet… you could seriously fool someone with this.


1. Ready for the last hoax?… This is a good one, a really good one! Recently published on  Zombie Attack at Hierakonpolis – a fantastically real article about evidence of a Zombie outbreak in early Egypt. Out of all the listed hoaxes, I would find this one the most believable.


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  1. Isn’t this the real end of the internet?

  2. Cranky Media Guy on December 13th, 2007 at 8:26 am

    Whoo, I’m Number Eleven! I just found a link to this on the Museum of Hoaxes website. Thanks for the honor.

    One question, though: who says “Tom’s Girl” is a HOAX? Tom Kraemer is an actually person and a friend of mine who lives in Boise, Idaho. How do you KNOW he didn’t fall in love with a “girl” he made with the SuperGoo program?

  3. oh cool, another “end”… well I guess the Internet is supposed to have multiple “ends”.

  4. wow, thanks for stopping by!

    Well – I initially discovered your “Tom’s Girl” story on the fab museum of hoaxes.
    At least she doesn’t resemble “her

  5. I love hoaxes and Spoofs…

    But more sSpoofs, really;P


  6. Kudos from one braniac to another. 🙂

  7. Good info. Lucky me I found your site by accident (stumbleupon).
    I’ve book-marked it for later!

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