The Japanese And Poo… Still Going Strong

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Japan loves poop like Germany loves the Hoff. In every form, be it children’s toys or flavoring and scent. Let’s not judge them for their affection for poop, I mean, a healthy digestive system is essential for a healthy body and mind, right? Regular poop will get all the toxins out, so really we should look up to them for promoting it so much in each and every possible way… The question remains: Why isn’t the rest of the world in love with poop?

Well them brown piles of turds may even grow on you after going through my list of craptastic stuff:

Poop Shoot

poopshoot  Watch out for the turd flying out of the toilet. Looks like fun for the whole family.

Vanilla Poop

Scientist Mayu Yamamoto found a way to extract Vanilla fragrance and flavoring for cow shit. The world appreciated her effort and she was awarded a Ig Nobel Prize at Harvard University in Cambridge in 2007.


The Poop Tiger that conquered the world

This one has been all over the Internet and if you watch the clip you will know why. Almost certainly one of the funniest things I have seen in a while. (Secretly I’m wishing I had one too)

Shimajiro is a toilet training tiger for kids and when pressing the buttons, he lets out some burts of toilet-training encouragement.


Poop Chocolate in the faeces nation

I think the picture says it all… Deer pooping out little drops, cause poop is good and delicious and tastes like chocolate

Found this on Rinkya


Lucky Poop

With some poop in your life, you don’t need any other lucky charm. Just follow the Japanese…


Pee and Poo

Cuddly toys for kids, meet Pee and Poo. Squeeze em tight, they can be your friends. A sure way to have your children grow up affectionate about their waste products.


9 Responses to “The Japanese And Poo… Still Going Strong”

  1. My mind has been blown.

  2. Came here from Cake Wrecks.

    All true and funny, but the last one isn’t Japanese (the plush dolls). Those are from Europe (Sweden, was it? I can’t remember).

  3. I thought a lot of japanese had problems with smells, or perceived smells

  4. That.



  5. What was seen, cannon be unseen!

  6. Actually, Shimajiro is a preschool character that teaches children all kinds of subjects. ( I lived in Japan for two years. And Korea for two as well) In fact I think I have the disk with that clip on it somewhere. Over on korea, though they practically worship poop. I have a Korean book called “Holding Poop at Night” It’s absolutely comical. I’ve also been to Paju book city where they have a huge golden pile of the stuff. Here’s the link to a Korean video about poop. Note that “Unga” means poop in Korean.

    Enjoy! (I know I do!)

  7. what in the world what kid wants to play and sleep with pee and poop its just freaky wird and crazy

  8. i want to barf

  9. hide them in the tolite and tell mom you did it!yay.=-\

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