Christmas Decoration: Classy Or Cheesy?

I love Christmas! I love all holidays and especially getting into the festive mood is delightful. Mulled wine, cookies, snow, Christmas lights and decoration… that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?

Decoration is a bit of a sensitive topic, everyone I know really puts all their glittery stuff on the trees and it just ends up looking like a feast of bad taste. Like someone’s come in, swallowed all the Christmas decoration with egg nog and vomited all over the Christmas tree. Yeah I know, I suppose I’m quite the critical persona and admittedly I’m not sure if I could do a better job. I just like to think that some rules for fashion would also apply for decorating a Christmas tree, like, more is less…

Apart from badly decorated trees, I haven’t really spotted any horrible street decoration yet. Lights and stuff is fine by me, in fact, it makes it looks so much more like Christmas.

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