"Put The Fish Down And Step Away From The Lake"

Dearest immigrants: stop stealing our fish! says the UK environmental agency. The sign could be easily mistaken as a joke but believe me, the government is dead serious. Around 750,000 migrants from Eastern Europe work in the UK and carp and pike are a traditional Christmas dish in Poland. Go figure.


So this is aimed at immigrants and meant to stop them stealing fish from lakes and rivers.

The trust’s director, Michael Heylin, said: “These are easy to understand so there will be no excuses.

“The pictures clearly mean, “Don’t steal, cook or kill fish”. When I first heard about Polish and Romanian people fishing for food I thought this was joke but obviously this is quite a serious issue that goes years back.

“The problem has been around for many years but with the opening up of our borders it has got a lot worse.

“Some newcomers aren’t aware that we release our fish, but others are formed into gangs who know what they are doing is wrong.”

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