Retouched Celebs – Beauty Is A Product Of Photoshop, The Ultimate Collection

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Have you picked up a fashion magazine lately? As you flick through the pages you’ll quickly notice how artificial and perfect all of the celebrities and models look. Not a wrinkle or spot in sight. Bah, who needs dieting, plastic surgery and exercising when you can be instantly slim and good looking (whatever that means..)?

Here are some drastic fantastic Photoshop & Retouching works of horrors “art”:

America Ferrera (via Jezebel)

“Ugly Betty” isn’t so ugly afterall. America Ferrera getting the Glamour treatment, miraculously gone from perfectly average to “cover-slim”.

ferreramashup091007 “America Ferrera – Ugly Betty is HOT!” Obviously only when heavily airbrushed thinks Glamour…

Britney Spears

Britney’s Allure “makeover” was pretty much a work of arts. Whoever’s done this possesses exquisite Photoshop skills. Seriously, this deserves an award:

britney8168_1 britney8166_0

spears_britney_100907_05-thumb britney-

(photos: A Socialite’s Life &

Reality bites, doesn’t it?

Faith Hill

Have Faith in Photoshop! The 39-year-old country music star on the Cover of Redbook. Loving the animation! (found on Jezebel)


Dove’s Evolution

Ok, this one is old news but it fits so perfectly: Dove’s bold statement titled “Evolution”. One of the best viral clips of 2007 on the net and oh so true… watch as this video shows us once again than nobody is perfect!

Kate Moss’s Mascaragate

Black on black, Rimmel’s ‘Magnif’eyes mascara’ television advert starring Kate Moss, was heavily criticized and eventually banned. The reason behind this: Turns out that not Rimmel’s “fabulous” mascara turned the models lashes into “traffic stoppers” but fake lashes instead.

The ASA concluded that it could not be proved the lashes weren’t false – and ordered the company not to repeat the claims. It also found the 70 per cent claim could be misleading.


From Obese to Super Slim – Extreme Photoshopping

This video is amazing, not completely perfect but pretty damn close. Digital slimming gone extreme:

This website has a number of beauties before and after their images were handled by the photo re-touchers. Mouse over Cameron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan, Halle Berry or Justin Timberlake. Not really extreme but you can definitely spot the differences. Link

01 Before…

02 After…Where did my belly go?

Photoshop on the dark side-hey let’s look normal!

I think we all know now that nothing is as it seems and while Photoshop and Airbrushing might be the celebs best friend, it can also be their worst enemy. This has become one of my favorite sites, cause it’s so “normal”. Celebrities photoshopped into looking normal! Something you would never see on a magazine cover:


Jennifer Aniston


My oh my, what happened to size-zero Beckham? “Splosh Spice”!


Johnny Depp – do you think he would still make the “top 100 sexiest guys” list?


Keira Knightley – is it just me or does she look so much better with a few pounds on her ribs?

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  1. Those four pictures at the bottom you class as ‘normal’, are all obese. Thats not normal.

  2. Keira always looks beautiful.

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