Introducing: The Scanshell 3000DN, Your Portable Duplex Scanner

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I need a new scanner and I have set my eye on this little gem: the Scanshell 3000DN, a portable duplex scanner with lots of functionality and neat features.

portable-duplex-scanner When looking to buy a scanner you shouldn’t let looks distract you from quality. Luckily with this one you get both, cool design and top product.

What it can do

The Scanshell 3000DN scans to pdf, it scans both sides of documents simultaneously and also scans business cards, plastic ID cards, and documents up to legal size. Sweet huh? I don’t know much about scanners and my old one couldn’t even do half of what this one can.

The scanner itself it ultra lightweight (0.59kg) and can be used as both a desktop and portable device which would be perfect for my regular needs.

A few other more fantastic features include the Auto Launch mode (fancy!), it’s Twain and WIA compatible and of course also runs perfectly on Windows Vista.

What you’ll get

Besides this fabulous portable scanner, you’ll receive a free bundled DocShell software for easy scanning, to share and organize your photos and documents. DocShell itself is easy to use and helps you a great deal with your files.

I must say I’m really impressed with the Scanshell’s specs and at only $319 for this portable scanner, you could save a bundle and get an exquisite device for your money. Check it out.

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