Army Jobs: Enlist Now And Get $40,000 toward a home or starting a business


No amount of money could get me to risk my life in a war or being put into a position where I’d have to kill someone else. I think I have fairly strong believes against war and the whole “fight for your country” theme. If the world’s population had just a little bit more common sense and logic, all of the supposed necessary bloodshed could be avoided. But who are we kidding? Things aren’t likely to lighten up in the thick and dull  heads of those people in control are they?

From what I’ve seen, heard and read, recruiting individuals for the army can be quite lucrative in the States. Especially after reading about the Army’s ever-expanding signing bonuses.

Enlist now and we’ll give you $40,000 towards a home or starting a business! On that note that’s American Dollars and to join the army is always a personal choice anyway, but after the Dollar crisis they could at least pay them in bloody Euros!

So does bribing the American population work?

The Army has been enlisting youths for decades by promising them money for college and in January their $40,000 “buy all you can buy” approach will cometh upon selected cities.

However, the amazing part about this is: the younger generation is apparently not money-motivated enough to respond, so the Army is trying to convince parents and teachers to make them so

“If you want to get a soldier, you have to go through mom, and moms want to know what kind of future their children will have when they leave the Army,” said Lt. Col. Jeff Sterling, the program’s architect. “This is meant to answer that question in a tangible, concrete way.”

While this may sound tempting to some, let’s get real, would you go to Iraq for a certain amount of money?

Uncle Sam Wants You, But Ads Target Mom, Dad

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  1. That is the problem with today’s youth. There is nothing they will risk their life for. Let alone put themselves in any type of jepordy. I sum them up as spoiled, narcissistic, childish, self centered excuse makers. It is a shame that during a time of war we have to bribe these little children into service with 40K. what wimps. I know you don’t agree with the war…. gimme a break most of you would lay down if enemys of this country rolled into your town.. Admit it you are cowards…Our founding fathers would be sad.

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