Wanna Be Broke For Christmas? Bergdorf Goodman Can Arrange That

Every year for Christmas I’m having a hard time choosing gifts for family and friends. The budget is another thing, you don’t really want to spend a fortune, yet you want your gifts to be still remembered in a few years time. It’s hard to determine the ideal budget for Christmas gifts, how much is too much? How much is appropriate to spend? Of course it’s always the thought behind the gift that counts. Still, some stores are out there to convince you what’s expensive and unaffordable makes the perfect Christmas gift. Bergdorf Goodman is widely known for expensive, not necessarily good taste. Their holiday gift catalog offers gifts that range in price from $95 to $138,000. Like a makeup case for $18,000 and a $2,800 ballpoint pen… you know, stuff that costs more than some people earn in a year. Ain’t that pure Christmas spirit?

bergdorfgoyard112907  $18,000 for the Goyard make up case that comes with Lancôme products picked by Lancôme International Artistic Director Gucci Westman.

bergdorfbobbi112907  Anyone need new brushes? Bobbi Brown brush set for a whooping $650. Well they got  24k gold accents and ebony handles and you get a leather box as well. Who actually buys that stuff? I mean, seriously… how does a brush with 24k gold affect your makeup??

bergdorfcartier112907  A sterling silver Cartier fountain pen for $3,150.

Well I’ve had enough, I’ll be shopping on ebay.

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