Amy Winehouse Sure Knows How To Frighten People

That’s something none of us wants to see at 5am in the morning roaming the streets:

Amy's cry for help Amy's cry for help

She had spent the night partying with friends, but when Amy got home she seemed a bit “out of it”.

The Sun reports:

A source said: “Amy came out and started stumbling around. She popped her head over the fence like she was looking for something. It was freezing and she had no shoes and just a red bra. She was mumbling something incomprehensible. It wasn’t the behaviour of someone in the right state of mind.”

But nevermind these shocking pictures cause according to a spokesperson for Amy Winehouse:

“Amy had been asleep and heard a noise. She went outside to investigate. She didn’t realise the time.”

Ah ok, so it didn’t have anything to do with the drugs then.

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